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Tuesday Morning

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Good quote from Dirk about the Sunday loss in Sefko's article today.

"When you have a win streak - and we've had a bunch of them this year - you slide by some teams but you're already getting sloppy and you overlook it because you're winning," Nowitzki said. "You might have a bad half or a bad defensive quarter, but in the fourth quarter, we seem to turn it on and win some games.

"Once you lose, everybody's kind of shocked. I think it keeps you on your toes and keeps everybody working and you look at all the mistakes. So I think losing is actually a good thing. It gets everybody grounded again and you start from scratch. And I think that's what we got to do."

Kevin Willis will wear the number 45.


Art Garcia writes about all the tough teams in the West.


In another article, Garcia tells us Dirk got a little furstrated with Terry in the fourth quarter against the Suns.
Determined to get himself and the Mavericks on track to start the fourth quarter against the Phoenix Suns, Dirk Nowitzki fired up shots on the first three possessions and made two.

When he didn't get a touch on the fourth, he voiced his displeasure with Jason Terry. Nowitzki told Terry, in no uncertain words, to get him the ball.

Seconds later, as the two were headed to the bench, Nowitzki repeated the message. Strongly. Terry got it.

"I've had pretty decent fourth quarters over the last run we had, and I felt I was getting in rhythm," Nowitzki said Monday after practice. "I just wanted the ball."
As for Terry, he's blaming himself for the loss.
``I'm the point guard, and I set the tone,'' said Jason Terry, who had trouble guarding Steve Nash and Leandro Barbosa most of the game. ``I put the responsibility on myself. We have a game coming up against Sacramento, so we'll put this one behind us and get back on track.''