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04/03: Dallas Mavericks at Sacramento Kings Open Thread

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Dallas trying for the season sweep and Sactown Royalty doesn't see any reason to think it won't happen.

I won't pretend to have the answer for how to beat the Mavs - no one does. Phoenix played lights out offense Sunday for their victory, and when Phoenix plays lights out on offense they will beat anybody and everybody. That is no blueprint for a mortal team like the Kings.

This game is a prayer, nothing more and nothing less. Sorry for those expecting analysis - you cannot analyze awesome versus not awesome when the gap is both evident and wide.
Update [2007-4-3 21:58:18 by Wes Cox]: Via Art Garcia (and Marie) -- Dirk is out tonight because of an upset stomach, but Dampier is returning to the starting five. Devean George will start for Dirk.

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