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Mavs Talk Game Five

The Dallas Morning News has some video of the Mavs answering questions from the press today.

And Art Garcia has some recap on the ST blog.

"Too discouraged," Avery said. "Ok. I'm tired of hearing about how they've taken him out of his game and any lack of confidence. You're just not supposed to have that. I wasn't the best of players and didn't have the best of skills, but you're to going to shake my confidence.

"We need all of our players to be confident, to be resilient, to be persistent and that's what I want to see tomorrow. if I don't see it in shootaround, I'm going to be highly upset. I need to have it going into that game tomorrow night. We have to be confident and really show what we're doing."

How will he light a fire under Dirk? "We'll figure something out," Avery replied. What? "We'll figure something out."