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Sad to Say

I believe last years NBA Finals has left permanent scars in the minds of this team.

And no, that's not an excuse. It's an indictment, and maybe it's an explanation.

Mavs start the season 0-4.

Mavs lose the first game of the playoffs.

Davis makes a half court shot and Dallas walks to the locker room with their heads down and comes back out flat to start the third.

They don't get calls early and they play the rest of the game assuming they'll never come -- refusing to force the refs to make calls.

For all the talk of redemption and hunger, they still play like a team who believes a loss is their destiny.

And it's too bad, I'll always believe Dallas is the better team. The optimist in me still says no way Dallas loses on Tuesday, then just force a game 7 at home and you're in good shape. But I guess there is no point in thinking like that.

"I wouldn't say we're worried, but our backs are against the wall," Dirk Nowitzki said Saturday. "If we lose [today], this season is pretty much over."
Thanks for the heads up.