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Thurdsday No Game Today Links

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Not much out there today as the Mavs are enjoying their first two day break in a month.

Eddie Sefko has a nice article on Josh Howard's evolution.

Being an All-Star has its advantages.

"I would hope that it had an effect on him," coach Avery Johnson said. "He knows he's in that next tier of guys. He understands he has a greater responsibility to the team.

"It's not Josh Howard who came in as a rookie and started half of the season. It's Josh Howard who on a lot of nights can very well be our best player. On other nights, he's probably our second-best player. And on other nights, he's our third-best. So he is the Josh Howard who knows he has a greater sense of responsibility, offensively and defensively."
Donnie Nelson and Mark Cuban should be very happy they didn't let Howard become a restricted free agent.


And Art Garcia writes about the Mavs being able to win in any situation.
Winning in spite of the circumstance has been a trait of these Mavericks all season. Off for two days before finishing the three-game road trip Friday with Denver, the Mavs (62-12) have made a habit out of coming through.

Whether their main guys are in street clothes (or in bed) or they're on the road (29-8) or on the second half of a back-to-back (13-1) or down to start the fourth quarter (12-9) or in any other situation ripe for disappointment, the NBA leaders have found a way.

"That's why we have a system," Johnson said. "We have a game plan. We've got to go out and execute. We just don't make any excuses."

Big game tonight.


Why I can't wait for the playoffs to get here -- number 74.