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Sea Bass Kicks Dirk's...

Dirk was at practice sharing gross out stories from the food poisoning that kept him out of the game in Sacramento. Fortunately, he's feeling much better today and will play aginst Denver tomorrow.
Sitting in the gym's yellow end-zone bleachers, Dirk took us through his food-poisoning ordeal in Sacramento. He called watching the game from the hotel "weird" and couldn't remember the last time he watched a game without at least being at the arena. (When he was sick and couldn't play against Denver on New Year's Eve, he watched from the training room.)

How did Dirk get sick? "Sea bass in Sacramento isn't what you want." Assistant trainer Dionne Calhoun had the same thing Monday night. "He might have had a newer version," Dirk deadpanned.

For those faint of stomach, you might want to turn away here. "It got me the next morning," Dirk continued. "It was coming out of every hole."
A little bit too much information.

Steve Nash (hey, he's friends with Dirk!) shared a little bit too much earlier this season as well.
MT: Steve Nash shot 2 of 11 in the first half. You said to me at halftime you were sloppy. Came out and shot about 7 of 10 in the second half. What changed?
Nash: I dunno. I just kind of got my rhythm going. I felt good in the first half. Maybe, uh, it's the diarrhea. I was in the bathroom most of warm ups.
MT: Were you really?
Nash: Yeah. Maybe I shouldn't say that on TV. It's brunch in Hawaii, isn't it? Gotta keep that to myself.