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Some Charles Barkley Fact Checking

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Charles Barkley went on-and-on at halftime about why the Spurs were the only team that could knockout the Suns in the playoffs. The main point of his argument was that San Antonio was the best defensive rebounding team in the NBA and that's what you have to do in the playoffs, particularly against a team like Phoenix.

That's all fine, except that San Antonio isn't the best defensive rebounding team in the NBA. That honor belongs to Houston -- and by quite a margin.

In terms of defensive rebound rate, which is basically the percentage of opponents missed shots that you rebound, Houston tops the NBA at 77.1%. Cleveland is a relatively distant second at 75.5%, followed by San Antonio 75.3%, and Dallas at 75.0%. Put another way, every 1000 shots that the opponent misses, San Antonio grabs three more defensive rebounds than Dallas.