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Friday Links

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Eddie Sefko writes about Dirk being forced to miss a game, with Avery saying it was probably a blessing in disguise and Dirk completely disagreeing.

"We'll see once the playoffs roll around, but I don't like days off," Nowitzki said. "It was definitely more time than I wanted and needed. I worked out with the team [Thursday], and my legs felt pretty wobbly. That's obviously something I've got to get rid of going into the playoffs, but I got two more weeks.

"Things are coming together a little bit now. I've had a lot of stuff within a week, so hopefully, I'm getting it all out of the way before the playoffs. We've still got two weeks until it really counts, so hopefully, I'm in great shape when the playoffs roll around."
I'm going to have to side with Avery on this one.


Art Garcia has a an article about how Jerry Stackhouse has become such a leader on this team.
"That's been one of Stack's greatest successes, the job he's done with Josh, just helping Josh grow," Johnson said. "I told him when you start to get older in your career, you want to look back and see, 'Who did I impart some of this knowledge and wisdom to, and who did I help make it to this level.' "

Chris Tomasson, from the Denver Post, has a good article on Avery Johnson about how his playing career under 16 different coaches is helping him now.


Down in the D-League: I'd gotten out of the habit of these, so I missed the last 3 game Pops has played for Fort Worth -- you can see his game log here. He's averaged about 21 ans 10 since going back down.