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Trouble in Suns Land?

You would never guess it by the way they pump themselves up for the Mavs, but it doesn't sound like everything is perfect in Phoenix right now.

It appears there's some unease on the Suns. Amare Stoudemire had a closed-door meeting with coach Mike D'Antoni after contributing just 15 points and two rebounds in Thursday night's loss to the Spurs.

"We've got work to do, getting that spirit back," Steve Nash said. "The chemistry's not great. We're not playing for each other as much as we need to right now. We're a little bit 'woe is me.' We've just got to be unselfish and work together for the team and not worry about ourselves.

"Our chemistry has to be one of our strongest characteristics, as it has been the past two years. This year it's fading. The ball sticks too often because guys are worried they're not going to get it back. One guy gets a little selfish, and then the next guy is like, 'Well, if he's not passing it, I may never see it.' And then the next one is a little more reluctant."

Some read that as aimed at Stoudemire and Shawn Marion.

Meanwhile, D'Antoni said he'd erred in trying to introduce Eric Piatkowski, Jalen Rose and Marcus Banks into the rotation and would return to his regular group.

"When the coach starts changing things, the players start questioning what's going on," D'Antoni said.