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I don't know everything out there is the same...

Mavs trying to avoid embarrassment, Dirk has to step up etc...

It all exhausts me, so here's the other stuff.

Mercedes Mayer writes about the most important thing to do when playing the Warriors.

The Mavs' shot selection in the first-round series has been less than stellar, mostly because they haven't been aggressive in driving the ball inside.

The Mavs shot 25 3-pointers in Game 4, 13 in the fourth quarter. During one stretch in the final quarter, eight of their 10 shot attempts came from beyond the arc and all were misses. Six of them occurred when the Mavs were leading.

"Some of those looks are too good to pass up, but at the same time, you want to be decisive and make sure you get to the basket," Mavs guard Jason Terry said. "We shot so many 3s, and that's not winning basketball. Winning basketball is either get to the free-throw line, or get some buckets in the paint."

Brian Davis writes about the Johnson family, much of it focusing on Cassandra Johnson. Good read.


Garcia points to five reasons the Mavs may be struggling.


Sefko calls Jason Terry one of the biggest postseason disappointments.

Brian Davis agrees.


Article about Victory Park outside the AAC - which is pretty cool if you haven't been to a game recently.


The Warriors are saying the right things.


David Berri on a 7 game series. (via TrueHoop)
David Berri, lead author of "Wages of Wins," explains that this is a classic example of a small sample size (four games so far) defying bigger trends -- which is a fancy way of saying that the more games you play the more likely the better team is to prevail:

"I realize we want to watch Baron Davis play well for four games and declare him the greatest player ever, but he has already played 526 games in his career and although he is consistently above average, he is not the greatest player to ever play this game. And although Dallas is better than Golden State, it is not inconceivable that the lesser team can win three out of four. After all, the Memphis Grizzlies started the year without Pau Gasol (and hence were the worst team in the NBA), and still managed to win six times across their first 30. Bad teams can win. Good teams can win more often. And great teams still lose."

This Day in Mavs History
1980 Dallas Mavericks were founded as the Board of Governors voted 22-2 (with New York and Chicago voting against) for the expansion team. The franchise agreement was signed and the team name was announced.