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Jason Richardson In Trouble?


Perhaps, but commissioner David Stern may first have to make a decision on Richardson's availability for Game 6. After Richardson's momentum carried him out of bounds late in the game, he found himself in the lap of a Dallas fan. They were briefly entangled, witnesses said, and Mavericks and NBA security interviewed the fan later for his side of the exchange.

What team and league sources were told, according to two high-ranking league officials, was that Richardson said, "Push me again, (expletive), and I'll beat your ass." NBA security's Dwayne Bishop was on the telephone with the fan late Tuesday night in the arena dining room, apparently reaching the man after he had talked to Mavericks security. At the least, Richardson probably bought himself a fine.

"I can't remember (what he said) in the heat of the moment," Richardson said of the fan. "All I know is that I pushed him back, trying to see who he was. But it's over."
Hard to know what to will come of this.

Since Richardson just fell into the stands no suspension is mandated. And since it sounds like just words were exchanged I would expect (and feel) that only a fine is appropriate.

But I'm not sure there is anything Stern takes more seriously then incidents between players and fans -- nothing would surprise me here.