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I'm Back

After a week hiatus, Mavs Moneyball is back. I celebrate my own return with this random collection of stuff.


Congratulations Dirk.


The Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw suspensions were pretty lame. That said, if they hadn't been suspended I might have never watched another NBA game. After Terry, Stackhouse, and DJ Mbenga all got suspended last postseason, if the Suns players had gotten off scot-free this year it would have been the Mavs conspiracy theorists smoking gun.


What did this season teach me?

Matchups in the NBA mean far more than I originally thought and the regular season means far less.

Both are disappointing realizations.


Dirk's Choking Mavs
06-07 67-15 Lost in 1st Round
05-06 60-22 Lost in NBA Finals
04-05 58-24 Lost in Semis

Nash's Mighty Suns
06-07 61-21 Lost in Semis
05-06 54-28 Lost in West Conf Finals
04-05 62-20 Lost in West Conf Finals

Someone explain to me the national perception that Dallas has to blow it up and that the national disappointment that the Suns might have to blow it up for salary cap reasons.


In case you missed it, here's the video of Cuban getting teary-eyed at the Dirk MVP press conference.

The most intersting thing of the press conference to me was Dirk standing at the podium and trying to talk himself into being proud of it.

"Obviously I'm still disappointed at this point... but it's an award for the regular season, so that's how I have to look at it."
"67 wins is a very special season, only a few teams in history have won more than we did. So I try to look at it that way and be positive."


This was a great commercial.


Really good free agency preview by David Lord.


I'm rooting for a Jazz vs Cavs Finals.


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