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Monday Morning Links

San Antonio didn't sell out game one of the Western Conference Finals.



The Del Harris rumors are heating up, but most have him linked to another assistant coaching job.

There continues to be speculation Del Harris will become the Bucks' lead assistant coach. However, Harris, whose contract with the Dallas Mavericks expires at the end of June, is expected to have several other coaching opportunities.

While Rick Adelman appears to be the frontrunner for the Houston Rockets' job, it is known that Rockets management has a high regard for Harris. What's more, Harris has a big supporter in Rockets star center Yao Ming. Ming has a profound respect for Harris, who coached Yao and his Chinese teammates to an eighth-place finish in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.
I don't think Harris would leave for the same job somewhere else, but that's just a total guess on my part.


And is Sam Vincent the front-runner in Charlotte?
In Charlotte, it looks like Michael Jordan's former backcourt mate Sam Vincent is the coaching front-runner, which would fit with Jordan's preference for hiring people he knows well. Also, Vincent figures to command a low salary, perhaps giving Jordan more freedom to recruit a free agent or make a deal.