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Sam Vincent is Gone Links

Congrats to Sam Vincent, who after just one year under Avery has been chosen to be the head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. Vincent was only here a year, so I really don't have much to add to that. I did think this was interesting though.

Vincent's departure opens up one of possibly two positions on the Mavs' staff. Lead assistant Del Harris' contract expires this summer. He could remain with the team in another capacity, but could also draw interest from several other teams with openings.
It's possible I had just skimmed over it before, but that's the first I've read of Del Harris possibly taking a head office position with the Mavs. Personally, I'd like to keep him and his hair on the bench next to Avery.


I know you all read these harmless comments from Mark Cuban wishing Michael Finley the best.
"I would hope that after his contract is over in San Antone, he would consider the Mavs as an option," Cuban said Monday. "I don't know that he would, but our entire organization has that much respect for him."

Cuban continued: "I'm absolutely rooting for Fin. No question about it. I told him the first time I saw him after he joined the Spurs that if we didn't win, I hoped he did. I even sent him a text after he beat the Suns saying the same thing."
They weren't so harmless after all. The NBA might be fining Cuban for tampering.


Despite missing out on Oden and Durat, and demanding a trade earlier in the season, Gasol says he wants to remain with Memphis - kind of.
"I do," Gasol said. "But the draft (lottery) didn't go our way, and now other things are going to have to happen to be a better team. I'm talking about the (next) coach and general manager. I don't know how much this affects my situation. We'll see. Let's see how the franchise reacts."

Tim Cowlishaw thinks the NBA should get rid of conference seeding for the playoffs.


And Mike Fisher devised a silly plan for blowing up the team complete with the disastrous 'byproducts'.