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Sefko Says Del is Done

I skipped over this article this morning because I thought it was going to be a duplicate of the one in the Star-Telegram. The one where Jeff Caplan said in passing that Del Harris could possibly take another position within the organization.

Eddie Sefko went a step further than that today, essentially saying that Del Harris's days on the Mavs bench are over.

Avery Johnson will be looking for two new bench coaches in the coming days.

The Mavericks also must decide who takes Del Harris' spot on the bench. It's possible Joe Prunty will become Johnson's No. 1 assistant, replacing Harris. But there certainly will be at least one new member of the staff on the bench next to Johnson.

Harris has been offered another job in the organization.
So does that mean Harris isn't welcome back as the assistant? That would definitely surprise me.


Also, Mark Cuban has come up with a solution to "fix" the lottery, which I think is pretty good.
Replace the lottery with a simple better team record or coin flip based on conference standings. In other words, for the last two teams in each conference , the team with the better record gets the first pick. If its a tie, there is a coinflip. The next to last in each conference face off. The better record gets the 3rd pick, a coin flip breaks a tie, all the way up the standings.

This wont completely eliminate teams from committing to "player evaluation games" at the end of the season, but it does take into account the relevant strengths of the conferences and teams places within the conferences. Its possible that a 25 win team in the better conference is a much better team than a 25 win team in the weaker conference, yet they both get equal weight in the current lottery. They shouldn't.

What makes this system potentially exciting is that teams will have something to play for at the every end of the season. How much fun would it have been watching Boston and Memphis compete to win enough games to get the #1 pick?