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Kobe Bryant to the Dallas Mavericks? Links

Saw this one coming a mile away...

After news broke that Kobe was demanding a trade if Jerry West wasn't brought back (which he denies saying), it was a no-brainer that the Kobe/Dallas talk would spark up. JJT devoted an entire article to the subject today, saying that Dallas needs to trade Dirk for Kobe.

You can't convince me adding Bryant doesn't improve the Mavericks. I'll worry about who's playing power forward later.

It's not that Nowitzki isn't a great player. Winning the MVP proves that just in case you weren't impressed that he averaged 24.6 points and 8.9 rebounds for a team that won 67 games.

But we all know he doesn't always embrace the moment and deliver in the Mavericks' most important games. We all know he has a reputation for being soft, perhaps because he didn't learn the game on inner-city black tops, where you call your own fouls, or spend a summer playing at Rucker Park in New York.
Maybe we should trade Dirk for Sebastian Telfair. He's available.

JJT fails to mention that this is a trade neither team would ever make, or look at it from the Lakers point of view, but who cares? It works on the ESPN Trade Checker.
Besides, I've already made the trade on a Web site that analyzes the feasibility of trades to make sure there wasn't any problem with the salaries.

There isn't.

Kobe is scheduled to earn a little more than $17 million this season, while Nowitzki is supposed to get about $15 million. According to this Web site, the deal is fine. Just to make sure, I proposed a deal of DeSagana Diop, Greg Buckner and Jason Terry for Bryant and the computer GM promptly rejected it.
Seriously, that's a quote from this article. I mean, Jason Terry and Dampier works under the bargaining agreement too, lets just do that instead, since the "internet" says it works.

Tim MacMahon is also on board with a Dirk for Kobe trade, and Jeff Caplan has another idea.
If I haven't overlooked any base compensation-option-clause nonsense, I think Josh Howard, Devin Harris and Jason Terry for Kobe works, cap-wise. Now remember, Kobe does have a no-trade clause in his contract, so if the Lakers decide to trade him, they likely won't get fair value, because Kobe has to approve the destination.
None of these ideas are worth spending much thought on. There is no way Kobe will play in Dallas, or anywhere else, any time in the near future.
Kobe's not going anywhere now, whether he asks to be traded or not.

The Lakers aren't remotely ready to consider trading him and starting over.

In a year, a lot of things might have come to a head and the Lakers might feel different. Now there's no way.
Update [2007-5-30 15:30:17 by Wes Cox]:Kobe officially wants out of LA


The NBA has decided not to fine Cuban for his comments regarding Michael Finley.


This is one of the most cynical quotes from Dirk I've ever read.
"In nine years in the NBA you learn that you're the best when you win and a loser when you lose," he said. "I don't need any journalists who have never held a ball in his hand and never experienced a similar pressure that I have to tell me that I played poorly. Criticism is part of it all, and it can also motivate you."

"Once you reach a certain level, you don't really make any big leaps," Nowitzki said. "It's more about small improvements. My defense can be better, but also my center (low post) game."

Del Harris is indeed done on the Dallas bench, but he's not going too far. Mike Fisher with the exclusive.
"I’m going to take a year off and see if I still want to do something,’’ Harris tells in an exclusive interview announcing his departure from the Dallas bench. "But Mark is making it so I can still be part of the Mavericks family, and I’m overwhelmed by that.’’

Harris, voted the NBA’s top assistant in three of the last four seasons by NBA general managers, is credited with serving as an important buffer between the high-profile owner and the strong-willed former coach Don Nelson. For the last three seasons, he’s served as a mentor (and probably a buffer, too) for volatile young head coach Avery Johnson. And all the while, he’s been an invaluable resource to Cuban, from front office to locker room.

For that reason, Harris – who was already the NBA’s highest-paid assistant – will now be a highly-paid consultant. Cuban essentially politely refused Harris’ offer of retirement, countering with a handshake offer that allows Del to remain with the organization in a capacity of his own design.

"For Mark to show this sort of appreciation towards me,’’ Harris says, "it’s overwhelming, really.’’
Harris has been great in his years with the Mavs, but he'll probably be most remembered for falling for Mark Cuban's April Fools Joke (where he got in a fight with a fake ref). Shockingly, I cannot find video of that on YouTube.