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Kobe wants out of LA.

"I would like to be traded, yeah," Bryant said on 1050 ESPN Radio in New York. "Tough as it is to come to that conclusion there's no other alternative, you know?"

Bryant, interviewed by Stephen A. Smith, was asked if there was anything the Lakers could do to change his mind.

"No," Bryant said. "I just want them to do the right thing."
PREDICTION: Nothing Happens.

Just to get my two cents out there since I didn't even bother yesterday. I would LOVE to see Kobe play for the Mavs as long as he's playing with Dirk. Trading Dirk for Kobe doesn't make this team better. It's not because I think Dirk is way better than Kobe or anything, but put Kobe on this team without Dirk or a center who can score and we've just become the Lakers of the last two seasons. No thanks.

Get a deal centered around Josh Howard and Devin Harris and I'm in, but quite a few teams could top any of the Mavs potential offers. Not to mention, that if he were traded, it would almost certainly be outside the Conference.

Make this the imaginary Kobe to Dallas trade idea open thread. (Trade Checker)