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Return of the Links

Mavs assistant Sam Vincent is going to interview for the head coaching job in Charlotte, although he might just make a lateral move.

Another option for the Bobcats is to hire a veteran coach - Paul Silas is on the market - and hire a lead assistant such as Vincent to be groomed for the head coaching job, similar to the way Don Nelson mentored Johnson for the Mavericks.

Vincent played seven seasons in the NBA and was head coach of the NBADL Fort Worth Flyers in 2005-06. Vincent played in Chicago with Bobcats president Michael Jordan in 1987-88.
Vincent will also interview for the Seattle job.

Del Harris name, as always, will come up as a potential candidate for almost every opening. Every offseason there is talk of Harris leaving, but it's worth paying extra attention to this year because his contract is up.


As mentioned in this diary, Devean George will opt out of his contract. This isn't at all surprising since there was just one year left on the deal at the veteran minimum (2 million). George was great at times this season, but it seemed like the majority of the year he was hurt or trying to work his way back from being hurt. Regardless, it was a good signing.

Jerry Stackhouse sounds like he truly wants to come back.
The Mavs say they want to re-sign free agent Jerry Stackhouse, the only consistent bench contributor in the series, and he wants to come back.

"This team knows what I can do and what I can bring," Stackhouse said. "I can happily be the sixth man, or if Mo Ager steps up, I can be the seventh man."

Mark Cuban is cool with steroids. OK, not really.
Drugs that are detrimental to your health should be outlawed. But if it's not bad for your health and it'll enhance your performance, why should you not be allowed to take it? It makes the game more interesting. It just makes sense. But it doesn't make sense in the context of the current controversies over drugs in sports.
I was wondering who would be the first idiot to take that way out of context, and the first person I heard do it was Dale Hasnen. Congratulations Dale!


Well said Mike Fisher.


This month's painful SLAM magazine cover.


This Day in Mavs History
2003 An MRI reveled that Chris Webber (Sac) suffered a torn meniscus in his left knee and he would miss the rest of the Dallas-Sacramento series.
I'll never forget seeing Webber jump for a wide open layup only to collapse before he even got off the ground. That injury helped Dallas win 3 of the next two and advance to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in 15 years. Good times. Well, at least until Dirk went down and Steve Kerr went nuts...