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Dirk and LeBron: How Quickly We Forget!

I hope you all watched the Cavs/Piston game last night, just like Bill Simmons, I'll never forget watching it.

More than anything in sports, I enjoy watching someone just take over an NBA game. 48 points -- 29 of his teams last 30. Everyone is calling it a game for the ages. I completely agree.

But guess what, exactly one year ago we saw the same exact thing -- a player take over game five of the Conference Finals.

Dirk Nowitzki, said I'm not losing this game. He scored 50, without the help of two overtimes. He had 22 points, 8 rebounds, one steal, one assist, and no turnovers, in the 4th quarter during which single handedly outscored the Suns.

Those numbers compare more than favorably to LeBron's final 20 minutes last night. Just something to keep in mind as the whole sports world goes King James crazy today.