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"Back Like Jordan, Wearin' the 45" Links

Wow. I've got a lot of catching up to do. This post is going to be all over the place, but I'll start with the most important first.

Hey Remember how Erick Dampier only played 7.6mpg (just 2 minutes in game one) in the playoffs even though the Mavs were better with a center on the court. Remember how everyone said he was healthy even though he kept wearing the shoulder brace and it it didn't look like he could grab a rebound with two hands. Well, on June 15th he had surgery to repair a tear in his right rotator cuff. That isn't a real pleasant operation, and it sounds like he will just be getting back to normal as the season begins.

Nelson said the expectation is that Dampier will be cleared for full contact sometime during training camp and that after that it will be a matter of getting his conditioning before he starts playing in games.

It's possible that Dampier could miss a few games in the regular season. But the shoulder should be much better than it was at the end of last season, when he had trouble with range of motion on his right arm.
The good news -- now we know for sure why he didn't look right in the postseason, and it's not just that he sucked. The bad news -- I bet he'll be feeling some pain when he lifts that arm above his head for the early part of the season. If he's not back to start the season, and Mbenga hasn't recovered from his ACL tear back in February than Diop could be the only healthy center on the roster. Oh well, the regular season is meaningless anyway.


Congratulations Michael Finley.


That great stalkerish Dirk video was Jamie Mottram's YouTube clip of the week on the Blog Show.


Congrats to Jason Terry and his wife. She gave birth to their fourth child today.

That should make him forget all about the other reason he's been in the news. Terry's personal chef pleaded guilty to stealing almost $53,000. How did he do that you ask?
Beginning in March 2006, Devereaux stole 21 checks, wrote in amounts and forged Terry's signature, according to court papers. Devereaux also changed two $1,000 checks to read $4,000 each, Ratcliffe said.
Wow, brilliant plan. Can't believe he wasn't to able pull that off without getting caught...

When the wheels were stolen from Terry's car on Thanksgiving day he was pretty awesome about it.
"I'm thankful, and I'm not going to complain over anything little, and definitely not over something that can be replaced," he said. "Hopefully they needed them, and hopefully they fed their family and their kids with them, especially during the holidays."
I kind of doubt he took this as well, but you never know.


Some video of Mark Cuban reffing a Harlem Globetrotters game -- Ironic, but not all that entertaining.

Video of Mark Cuban pretending to snort cocaine off of his cell phone -- VERY entertaining.


The Memphis Grizzlies, fellow Southwest Division foes, have hired Boston Celtics GM Chris Wallace to replace Jerry West. That's a downgrade -- just ask Bill Simmons.
They just hired Chris Wallace away from the Celtics, which was like former FEMA director Mike Brown getting hired by France's federal relief agency. I can't even summon an adequate reaction for this move. This was the guy who spent a lottery pick on Kedrick Brown, drafted Joe Forte over Tony Parker, raved about Jerome Moiso's upside potential and said publicly that Shammond Williams was the key to a trade that included the Celtics' picking up an alcoholic forward with a max contract (Vin Baker).

Gallo Fall, Mavs Scout and humanitarian.


This Day in Mavs History
2006 The NBA fined Mark Cuban $250,000 for "several acts of misconduct" following Game 5 at Miami, including yelling at the ref after the game ended and cursing while answering reporters' questions."