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Your Daily Jason Terry Trade Article (Kirilenko?)

Today via Newy Scruggs in the Star Telegram. Basically Scruggs think Terry will be traded this offseason, and thinks some sort of deal with Utah for Kirilenko could be in the making.

The Salt Lake Tribune ran a story Friday quoting Jazz owner Larry Miller about how Mavs GM Donnie Nelson offered him any player and draft picks for Kirilenko, but was turned down a few years ago. Miller was quoted in the Tribune: "Today, I won't say that."

AK-47 probably has played his last game for Utah. At 6-foot-9, he would be a wonderful fit in Dallas with his ability to block shots, play defense and run the court. The 26-year old is owed $63 million through 2010-11. If he ends up in Dallas, expect Terry to end up in Salt Lake City.
David Moore had a different take earlier in the week.
Jazz coach Jerry Sloan came out this week and said he prefers to make it work with Kirilenko. You also have the contract issue. Kirilenko is guaranteed $63.1 million over the next four years. That's a lot to commit to someone who may be your third- or fourth-best player.