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Rumor Mill: Greg Buckner Drawing Trade Interest

Via Eddie Sefko

In advance of the draft, trade speculation is heating up and one of the names mentioned frequently is Greg Buckner. Cuban and president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson each acknowledged that numerous teams have inquired about Buckner.

It's possible the Mavericks may be considering packaging Buckner with one or more of their second rounders to move up in the draft.

"Everybody's going to be talking until the draft," Cuban said. "And once they make their decisions, they fall in love with who they think they might be able to get. Then guys fall into the second round and people are going to be making all these great offers to get No. 34 and No. 50 and even No. 60.
Greg Buckner has just two more guaranteed years left on his contract at less than 4 mil, so he's definitely attractive in that sense.