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Tuesday Roundup

Mike Fisher has a world class rumors article.  What do we learn:  Dallas is talking about KG internally, they love Yi Jianlian, they love Al Horford even more, and contrary to earlier reports they don't love Joakim Noah at all.  Definitely a fun imaginative read.


Ricky Treon at the Star Telegram talked to Diop at a Mavs kid's camp about playing in Vegas.

Last season the big man averaged 2.3 points per game, a number he knows must increase next year.

"It's mental most times," Diop said. "I can do way better than that. I know I can because I know what I can do out there."

The Mavs agree, and becoming more of a scorer is the focal point of Diop's off-season.

"They're telling me I can score, that I got to go out there and play; if you miss a shot, don't worry about it," he said. "To have [Avery Johnson] talk to me like that is a big boost of confidence."

Jeff Caplan ranks the top five small forwards in the draft, none of which will be available at 34. Marcus Williams and Demetris Nichols should be available when the Mavs pick and I'd be happy with either.


David Moore writes about the draft and all the excitement around it this year.


Eddie Sefko's article is on the contract status of Devean George and Jerry Stackhouse. George is expected to opt out of his contract and Stackhouse is expected to resign.
Stackhouse's situation is slightly clearer. The sixth man becomes an unrestricted free agent Sunday, meaning he can sign anywhere in the league.

However, only two teams will have significant money under the salary cap and neither Charlotte nor Atlanta makes much sense for Stackhouse, who can still score with the best of them but doesn't fit the profile for building or rebuilding teams like the Bobcats and Hawks.

Since it is unlikely anyone will be able to offer Stackhouse more than the mid-level salary exception (expected to be roughly $6 million), the Mavericks figure to be able to offer him more than anybody else.

Assuming neither side comes in with unrealistic expectations, a middle ground likely will be found quickly after the free-agent period opens. Teams are prohibited from discussing specific free agents until Sunday.