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Wednesday Morning Stuff

Eddie Sefko has an article today about the Mavs being interested in Sun Yue as high 34. He's nicknamed the Chinese Magic Johnson, but basically just because he's tall and a pass first point guard.

Sun is the sort of player the Mavericks are hoping slips to the No. 34 pick in Thursday's draft. But with the way he has blossomed since arriving in America, the Mavericks aren't certain the 216-pounder will last past the first round.

"He's definitely a pass-first guy and a pretty interesting story," Donnie Nelson, the Mavericks president of basketball operations said. "He grew up in China and was signed by a pro team when he was 14. When he hit Orlando, he raised a lot of eyebrows. He was a small forward the first day. And by the third day, he was a point guard."
Quite a few mocks actually have him going undrafted (Chard Ford though has him at 38). To sum him up: He's 6'9", a really good ball handler, a great passer, a bad jump shooter, he's never played against good competition, and he's probably not quick enough to guard or get by NBA point guards even though that's his natural position. Don Nelson Sr probably loves him too.


Jeff Caplan ranks the top five power forwards in the draft. None of the top five will be available at 34. The only realistic PF's in the draft who interest me are Sean Williams, who someone will almost certainly take in the first round, and Ali Traore who should be available at 50 and maybe even at 60.


The always enjoyable Kelly Dwyer has Donnie Nelson as the #2 exec in the league.  Number one is obviously R.C Buford of the Spurs.