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Draft Day Links - All's Quiet

Eddie Sefko says we should all be expecting the Mavs to simply stick with their 24th, 50th, and 60th picks tonight.

"We're just going to draft," president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said. "Crazy things happen, and there are some contingent things out there. But that likelihood is extremely low."

...Rather, the Mavericks are taking a cautious approach to the draft. They have brought in more than 25 players over the last 10 days, and virtually all are projected to go late in the first round or in the second round.
Two other things of note in this column. Sefko squashes the Devin Harris for the #6 pick rumor - which is funny because he's the only person who ever reported it.  

He also has some quotes from Demetrius Nichols who worked out for the Mavs and should be available at 34.


Caplan also says the Mavs will probably be quiet today.

Most interesting thing in this article - Caplan comparing Kevin Durant to Donyell Marshall.


Jim Reeves article today is full of good quotes from Donnie Nelson about why it's best not to panic.
"What you want to do is get some time and distance behind you, so you don't make an emotional mistake," Nelson said Wednesday, on the eve of the 2007 NBA Draft. "When you get done with a series like that [the first-round playoff loss to Golden State], you go through a very emotional time."
"The only way you do something drastic with this team," Nelson said, "is if it ensures you the final result you're looking for. You look at the West and there are no assurances.

"I can't comment on the names that are floating around out there, but in the West, you better attack things from a holistic approach or you're going to get yourself in trouble."
"It's just second nature to second-guess yourself, to second-guess everything, after a series like that," Nelson said. "It's normal reaction when you don't get the job done.

"But we also know you don't win 67 games or have three winning streaks of 12 games or more without doing something right. Our veteran guys are solid. The chemistry is exceptional. You don't mess around with that without thinking hard about it first."

Caplan ranks the top five centers in the draft, some of whom should be available at 34, and none of which I hope to see drafted there