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Dallas Mavericks Draft Predictions Thread

Meant to throw this up a lot earlier so everyone could cast their votes.

My Dream Draft: (Assuming some people slip and the Mavs take them)
34) Jared Dudley: Probably won't be sitting here, but I think he could come close to filling in for Devean George right away.
50) Herbert Hill: Refined post scorer.
60) D.J. Strawberry: Be shocked if he was still around here. Maybe the best perimeter defender in the draft. I like him at 50 too.

My Nightmare Draft: (Please God no)
34) Marc Gasol: SLOW
50) Zoran Erceg: Look at his picture, seriously.
60) Doesn't really matter.

Actual Prediction (Random Guess)
34) Arron Afflalo: Good college player with a defensive focus.
50) Chad Ford says Stanko Barac. DraftExpress says Sun Yue. I think one of them will be right.
60) I hope Ali Traore. Probably some international they can store overseas.

Your turn!