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50th Pick: Dallas Mavericks Draft - SG Renaldas Seibutis

We knew the Mavs would be taking some international players with the intent to store them overseason for a year and here he is. Renaldas Seibutis, a 6'6" 185 pound 21 year old from Lithuania. Most mocks had him going early in the second round, so this is good value.

Playing for Greek team Maroussi Athens he averaged 13.5ppg. Judging by this, I think he shot 56.5% from two, 51.8% from behind the arc, and 76.4% from the free throw line. Despite those impressive percentages, it sounds like he prefers to attack the basket.

ery quick shooting guard with good size who loves to slash to the basket ... Nice athlete ... Good vision and passing skills, can even spend time at the PG position ... Very adept at creating off the dribble and loves to take the ball all the way to the basket...
Draft Express praises his all-around game
We're talking about a rather complete shooting guard here, who's still very young but has a good feel for the game... awesome gunner from the mid-range area. Of course, he also enjoys three point range, but prefers to step in and secure the two points. He shows excellent mechanics, whether in static fashion or off the dribble. One of his favourite moves is to penetrate from behind the arc and then pull up and release a jumper a couple of strides later, taking advantage of his defender's unbalanced position, and showing a fairly quick first step and good handles in the process. Of course, if he has the chance, he will go all the way to the basket and deliver a layup, preferably using his right hand. He looks like a promising slasher...

...He's intense and takes care of both his man and the team defense. In general, he's a player that transmits a hard working and team-oriented attitude, not saving effort and not being selfish. Indeed, Renaldas is quite a nice passer. More than just delivering definitive passes, though, he's an excellent cog in his team's ball movement, thinking and delivering quickly, usually to the right man...
He won't play for Dallas next season, he probably won't even play for Fort Worth next season. It sounds like he's definitely someone who could help down the line though. Based on the way his numbers have improved every year, it will be interesting to see what he does this season. Perhaps his stock will continue to rise and he would have benefited by waiting one more year to declare.