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Sunday Links - Free Agent Talk Begins

Eddie Sefko says the Mavs top priority is "the best shooter they can find". He mentions Matt Carrol and Jason Kapono as possibilities. Kapono fits that bill far better than Carroll. Kapono led the league in 3P% last season. He shot a ridiculous 51.4% (2nd place 46.1%). Carroll on the other hand made 41.6% - it was his first season to make over 40% in his 3-year NBA career.

Jeff Caplan has an article about the likelihood that Stackhouse will return. At the end of the article he lists Mikki Moore, P.J. Brown, James Posey, Mo Peterson, Grant Hill and again Jason Kapono as players the Mavs are likely targeting.

Par Riley has said that Kapono and Posey aren't likely to be resigned by the Heat.


Tim Cowlishaw ranks his top ten nine free agent targets. Two of them (Billups and Wallace) are unrealistic, one is a joke (Medvedenko).


Avery Johnson likes the Keith VanHorn comparison for Nick Fazekas and expects him to contribute this season.


Don't start to think all the fun trade rumors are over now that the draft has passed. The KG rumor still won't burn out, and now that Yi Jianlian is demanding a trade from the Bucks I bet you'll see Dallas brought up in some rumors with that as well. In fact Yi is already in Dallas -- for the Global Games.


Gil LeBreton writers about why the Mavs won't be spending much money this summer - and shouldn't, unless it's on Jerry Stackhouse.