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No Knees, No Problem?

The Mavericks were used in the same sentence with a couple of veterans today.  Sefko says the Mavs might look to Chris Webber for their bi-annual exception.

A veteran center. P.J. Brown is considered the best of the bunch and probably could be had for the $1.8 million bi-annual exception. Another possibility is Chris Webber, whom the Mavericks coveted when he was released by Philadelphia last season and signed with Detroit to be near his hometown. Darko Milicic, released by Orlando to make room for Lewis, is not believed to be a candidate.
And Newsday says the Mavs are one of three team will be looking to employ the jobless Steve Francis.
So essentially, the Knicks traded Channing Frye for Randolph and let Paul Allen, the Blazers' billionaire owner, take care of Francis, who will get a chance to revive his career in a more favorable situation. The Heat, Clippers and Mavericks are the most likely landing spots for Francis.

Also Gerlad Wallace has reportedly agreed to a 6 year 57 million dollar deal with Charlotte.  Bad news for all the Mavs fans who wanted top see him Dallas.

On the bright side, it makes Josh Howard's 4 year 40 million dollar look like a real bargain -- Rashard Lewis's latest contract, not so much.