Mavs interested in Wizards' Blatche AKA Who is this Guy?

The Washington  Post says the Mavs are interested in Blatche.

Blatche is a restricted free agent, meaning the Wizards would have seven days to decide whether to match any offer made to him. The danger for the Wizards is that some team could sign Blatche to a contract using the mid-level exception (a first-year salary of $5.3 million). Matching the offer could push the Wizards over the luxury tax.

According to a league source, the Dallas Mavericks have expressed interest in Blatche, who was drafted by the Wizards in the second round of the 2005 draft. The Mavericks still have the full mid-level available.

Does anyone have an opinion on this guy?  I don't know much about him.


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