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An Update on the Mavs Rumored Free Agent Targets

Here's the latest on the free agents that the Mavs have been linked to and are still out on the market.

*Desmond Mason*
It's not official yet, but it looks like he'll be returning to Milwaukee on a multiyear deal.


*Mickael Pietrus*
He and the Warriors are at a stalemate.

Nearly three weeks after teams were allowed to begin negotiating with player representatives, Pietrus said Tuesday that the Warriors have neither actively engaged his agents about a new multiyear contract nor pursued several sign-and-trade scenarios that other clubs have broached.
Three teams have reportedly approached the Warriors about a sign-and-trade.
"Others teams, Miami, Cleveland, Dallas, they've been asking about a sign-and-trade that could be interesting for me, so I'm just waiting," said Pietrus, who didn't hide his affection for the trio of teams.
Miami would reportedly be his first choice.

Golden State is able to sit back and wait on Pietrus since he's a restricted free agent. They might feel more comfortable with him leaving after signing Kelenna Azubuike (former Flyer) to a two year deal.


*Steve Francis*
It sounds like the Mavs are out on Francis (whew!). The Miami Herald had a note today that potential minutes will play a big role in his decision.
The Clippers, Rockets, Mavericks and Heat are all potential landing spots. Francis, who got a $30 million buyout from Portland, could go to the team that offers minutes rather than money.

Francis, 30, believes he would be most effective starting or playing 25-30 minutes a game. The Rockets and Mavericks appear set at point guard.
Hoops World isn't even listing Dallas as a potential landing spot anymore.


*Chris Webber*
Nothing out there except for his agent saying that he was talking to a few teams and nothing would be decided in the near future.


*Eddie Jones*
A small note in the Miami Herald today says he's been "considering overtures from Dallas". Dallas was linked to Jones this past season when he was cut by Memphis. According to Jones he chose the Heat because Avery wouldn't promise him minutes.


*PJ Brown*
He still can't decide if he wants to retire or not.


*James Posey*
Posey's agent is said to be talking to Dallas, Golden State, New Jersey, Cleveland, and Charlotte about his client. No word on which side initiated the talks.


*Matt Barnes*
The Grizzlies have joined the group of teams connected to Barnes. Golden State is reportedly looking to sign James Posey an alternative to Barnes.
Posey, who used to be one of my favorite players until he started breaking down, probably is an either/or thing with Barnes, which is a smart way to go.

I'd bet Mullin closes in on a three- or four-year deal with Posey starting at well under the mid-level exception ($5.36 million a year). Posey isn't as explosive as Barnes, but he's a much better defender and probably more reliable as a three-point shooter.

Then Mullin can tell Barnes: Either take this deal or I'm giving it to Posey.

*Andray Blatche*
The mysterious dark horse. The Washington Post says the Mavs have expressed interest in the 21 year old restricted free agent. For what it's worth, his agent says there have been discussions with a number of teams showing interest. I'm hoping to have more on Blatche tomorrow, and there is an ongoing discussion about him here.