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Bye Bye Bonsu? Blame Brandon Bass!

Jeff Caplan reports that the Mavs have offered a two year deal to Brandon Bass. Bass played for the Hornets the last two seasons and is actually still a restricted free agent, meaning NOK could still match the Mavs offer and keep him.

Since the Mavs roster is full, Dallas will either have to cut Reyshawn Terry, Nick Fazekas, JJ Barea, or Pops Mensah-Bonsu to make room for Bass (assuming the Hornets don't match). Barea is obviously safe, and it seems unlikely that Dallas would cut ties with one of this years draft picks before they even get a shot. That leaves Bonsu.

Bass has looked pretty good this summer, but I don't think this move really makes much sense. Why cut the 14th/15th man for a 13th man? Now if the Mavs sign another free agent they'll have to cut one of this years draft picks or make a trade. Is Brandon Bass worth putting yourself in that position?

That and Pops Mensah-Bonsu is just cool.