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Tape Delayed Live Blogging the Mavs vs Sonics

I actually thought I posted this Saturday morning, but apparently I only saved it. Whoops. Here it is a couple of days late anyway.

1st Quarter
8:49 - Diop apparently has permission to shoot at will, he bricks a wide open 18 footer.
8:35 - Not a good start for Diop, on the other end of the floor he gets switched on to Jeff Green and falls over.
7:53 - Kevin Durant gets by Barea without trying only to have his shot blocked into the first row by Diop
6:35 - Barea runs down the floor  past all five Seattle payers in about 1 second but misses the layup
6:30 - Barea does a no look spinning pass to Diop who has his layup blocked.
4:20 - Three of the last 4 possessions have gone like this -- Barea dribbles around and finds Clay Tucker for an open three in the corner.
3:13 - Barea ends up guarding Julius Hodge in the post and draws a charge
2:35 - Diop catches the ball at three point line and instead of just immediately passing like usual he cuts to the basket.  He traveled, but it's the thought that counts.
2:05 - This is not pretty.  The last 30 seconds - Dallas TO (travel), Seattle TO (Double dribble), Dallas TO (travel)
1:40 - Barea dribbles down the court and juts pulls up for a three about foot behind the line - it goes in.
1:30 - The announcers are talking about "Jose Juan Burriah" and how they could shorten his name.  The can't come up with any ideas, and they're not joking around. Umm, how about JJ.
1:06 - Fazekas makes his debut and looks young enough to be Austin Croshere's son.
:36 - Fazekas first shot is a nearly airballed three.
2nd Quarter
8:54 - Fazekas makes a 20 footer
7:10 - Renaldas Seibutis doesn't look nearly as dorky as he does when you google image search him.
6:27 - Maurice Ager can't guard Kevin Durant
5:40 - Maurice tries playing PG - it ends in a forced three that misses by a mile.
3:58 - Diop tries another jumpshot with the same result
2:04 - Durant comes very close to dunking on Diop, but Diop manages to foul him
1:40 - Barea hits Ager for a wide oprn fast break dunk. Seibutis starts looking for some to high five but no one sees him. Awkward...
3rd Quarter
9:20 - Barea just made an absolutely beautiful pass to Brandon Bass for his eighth assist.
6:52 - Barea just puts his head down and plows his way to the basket for a nice layup.
:15 - Robert Swift is on the Sonic bench with hair past his shoulders, tattoos covering both arms and his lip pierced. He's the new Scott Pollard
4th Quarter
8:20 - If Fazekas is even remotely open behind the arc he's taking the shot
6:47 - Barea kind of prods his way into the lane, does some pivots, and somehow ends up with an open shot even though he was double teamed.

This game got pretty ugly as it went on, but it was always more enjoyable to watch when Barea was on the court. He was easily the best player in this game. Diop was Diop. Ager was Ager. Pops didn't play. Reyshawn Terry never really caught my attention. Seibutis was running all over the place in a good way.

Box Score