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Devean George Re-Signs and Summer League Stuff

Devean George agreed to a one year deal worth 2.5 million yesterday. That's just slightly more than he would have received had he used his option to extend last year's contract. Dallas now has 'early bird rights' on George next season, which will allow them to resign him for more money next season even if he doesn't fit under the cap - who cares.

The Mavs resigned George because it was an opportunity to sign a useful veteran without using the MLE or bi-annual. George didn't start or end the season well, but at times in the middle of the season (middle of December through January) he was easily the Mavs best offseason acquisition, and invaluable in some games. That stretch was also the only time he was consistently healthy. If his poor play should carry into next season I trust Avery to recognize that and play him accordingly. George was ineffective against Golden State and his minutes went from 31 in game one, to 18 in game three, and finally 11 in game six.

Hard to argue with bringing him back for one more year.


Dallas played game two of the VSL last night, and I completely forgot to Tivo it. Mensah-Bonsu returned to the lineup and grabbed 13 rebounds, eight offensive. Barea only had three assists in this game, but still made an impact.

The Mavericks had their biggest lead at 62-52 with 8:10 left in the fourth quarter, but an 8-0 Blazers run capped by four straight points by Sergio Rodriguez put them within two points with 4:43 left. Dallas guard Jose Juan Barea then took over the game, scoring eight of the final 10 points to secure the win.

"Coach always gives me the green light to shoot," Barea explained of his late-game heroics. "My shots went in and we won the game."
Sefko has a game recap, but it's Oden-centric.

Anyone who watched make any interesting observations?


Short interview with summer league coach Joe Prunty.


JJ Barea article with some quotes from him about trying to crack the PG rotation.
"I think I do more attacking and passing for the open shots. I think I’m more of a passer than they are, so I try to do that," he said. "I just try to be quicker than everybody and try to be smarter … with the ball."

Sefko had a good article yesterday about Diop playing in the summer league.


Jason Terry is getting his own energy drink?