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Thursday Night Links

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Obviously I'm still having some issues with free blogging time...

Two former Mavs, who If someone had told me retired I wouldn't have been surprised, signed for new NBA teams in the last week. Samaki Walker with the Bucks and Calvin Booth with Philadelphia. I'll never understand this retread philosophy in the NBA, because I have to think there are much younger players in the NBDL or Europe who could not only step into the NBA and contribute far more, but also possibly develop into something actually worth a damn.


Dancing with the Stars Update: Here's Mark Cuban doing the foxtrot. And here is his intro video where you can see him make a dick joke and show a giant scar on his ass.

Cuban was in the bottom two after week one so he may not be dancing much longer. He wrote about that today.

What had I done wrong ? Had i not worked hard enough ? Did people really not care enough about me to vote for me ? Its a weird, humbling experience...
My favorite Dancing with the Stars moment wasn't on the show, but was this photoshop at YaySports!


So Shawn Marion has apparently demanded a trade from the Suns. What an idiot.

Jack McCallum actually thinks the Suns should comply.
He can opt out after this season and they would get nothing. He feels unhappy and slighted. He's not going to get his desired money from owner Robert Sarver, who wants to avoid paying the luxury tax and reacts to the word extension the way, say, Hillary Clinton reacts to the word intern. Marion will never feel like a favored son/Sun in an environment with the uber-respected Nash and, now, Hill.
Of course he follows that up with why it will never happen.
But Phoenix won't give him up for anything less than almost equal value. Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo (who drafted Marion when he was the Suns' GM) would love to have the Matrix but is unwilling to part with Chris Bosh.
Bill Simmons wants the Suns and Jazz to swap 'trade demanders' Marion and Kirilenko. No way it happens, but I'd like to see that too, because why not? I'm not a Suns fan.


I guess Roy Tarpley saw OJ in the news and wanted some of that action himself. He filed a lawsuit against the Mavs and the NBA today for discrimination.
Tarpley, who was permanently banned from the NBA in 1995, says in his lawsuit the NBA and the Mavericks discriminated against him on the basis of his disability as a recovering drug and alcohol abuser.

In May, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sided with Tarpley, ruling the NBA violated the disabilities act by failing to reinstate Tarpley, 42, who has passed all drug tests he's taken in the last four years.
I'm with Bethlehem Shoals, a little confused.
Is Tarpley saying he should be reinstated now, at age forty-six? Or is it that, in 1995, he was banned because he suffered from an illness? The first option seems pretty irrelevant, an the second a little bizarre.
Tim MacMahon makes the obvious joke that the Mavs should be suing him for being a total waste of talent and time.


The Mavs have invited Jamal Sampson, Darvin Ham, and Jared Newson to training camp. None of them will make the team.