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Greg Buckner Traded for Trenton Hassell

This trade was rumored yesterday, and became official last night.

You may find the source there interesting. The news was officially broken on by Art Garcia, who is no longer the beat writer for the Star-Telegram. So that's yet another source for Mavs stuff, which is a good thing -- especially since Art figures to have pretty good access. His interview with Avery Johnson that went up yesterday is a must read. Art has also started up a blog.

Anyway, on to the trade -- one-for-one. Greg Buckner to Minnesota, Trenton Hassell to Dallas. Hassell is three years younger, equal or superior defensively, and a far better threat to score from somewhere besides behind the arc (Hassell's shot chart), which Buckner didn't really do very efficiently last year anyway. The Mavs won this one.

It sounds like Minnesota made the trade to save a little money.

Hassell is owed $13.05 million for the next three seasons, including $4.35 million this season.

Buckner signed a five-year contract that could be worth up to $19 million. The last two years of the contract reportedly are not guaranteed. Buckner is owed a total of $7,259,259 for the next two seasons. After that, the Wolves can part ways with Buckner.
So just before the season starts, Buckner leaves a Championship contender for Instnabul, Turkey where the T-Wolves are holding training camp for some reason. Kind of sucks for him, but I love the deal. The signing of Eddie Jones made a Buckner trade seem likely if not inevitable, so I'm very glad the Mavs got what should be a useful piece in return. Hassell will spend his training camp trying to prove he should start alongside Devin Harris, but I don't think it's a likely scenario.

Not a major trade, but it could end up being an important one.


The Mavs have hired Mario Elie as an assistant coach.


Sefko has an article on Eddie Jones, who says the Mavs are 'hungry'. Sefko wonders if hunger will be enough, and that the Mavs really need to add toughness (even referencing Nick Van Exel).

I thought Eddie Jones answer to why he was here was interesting.
"No. 1, I'm here to defend," Jones said. "No. 2, I'm here to make timely shots. And third, to help the young players grow. In that order."
Better defend some or you won't play...


Mavs second round pick Renaldas Seibutis just had back surgery and will miss at least the first two months of the season for Olympiacos.


Here is Jason Terry on Cribs where you can see his counterfeiting chef.


Jan Hubbard has a good article about Donnie Nelson's approach this offseason.
This team is good enough to win a title.