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And the Award for Worst Blogger of 2007 Goes To...

Wes Cox, Mavs Moneyball.

Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. Although if that were true it would be a pretty solid excuse. Almost as good as if I'd been living out of a camper van in the Outback like a certain reigning NBA MVP (sidenote: I was glad that aricle didn't end with Dirk going Richie Tenenbaum on us). As it is, I don't really have one. And it's hard for me to refute much of anything that was said here -- except that I'm "letting the site die". I definitely don't want that to happen.

I do about 85% of my blogging from the office. It works perfectly about ten months a year. For the last month I've either been at work, actually working, or at home wanting to do anything but sit in front of a computer some more. The time has rushed by and if I'd been asked, I probably would have guessed that I hadn't posted in two weeks. Still pretty lame.

I have no idea why I didn't take the time some Sunday weeks ago to post an explanation, or why I didn't get someone to post in my absence. I'm lazy, I'm a procrastinator, and or the time those traits seeped their way into this site, and I feel like shit about it. I still don't expect to have time at work to post during f= that day for another week, but I'm going to start posting when I get home at night. If that's not working, I'll be happy to field some volunteer applications.


How about some links?

Don Nelson is still holding out for more money.

Coach Don Nelson, profoundly unhappy with the way his contract negotiations are going, plans on flying home to Hawaii after having spent several weeks in the Bay Area hoping to cement reworked details for the two years remaining on his deal. No date for his return to the islands has been specified.

"I've had some nice talks with Bobby (Rowell, the Warriors team president) in the last several weeks," said John O'Connor, Nelson's lawyer. "Nothing's happened, but I'm still personally hopeful. Nellie has grown discouraged, however, and is soon on his way back to his hammock in Maui."
Don Nelson leaving might just be the best the news for a Mavs fan of the offseason. I don't expect it to happen.


Mark Cuban is going dacing, but I still won't be watching...


Doug Christie just won't go away!


Pops Mensah-Bonsu has signed with Benneton Treviso in Italy. Best of luck Pops!

Babelfish is always good for a laugh.
Mensah Bonsu, than with the Benetton Basket has siglato an agreement anniversary, will be to Treviso next Wednesday in order to become a member of to the group.

Draft of "a vertical" player, equipped of large upgrades them athletic, jumper with tempismo for spectacular bounces and stoppate famous for its crushed but also concrete one in realizzativa phase, as they testify its figures to the college, always near 60% from the field.
Spectacular bounces indeed.


Dirk scored 28 points in a loss to France yesterday. Germany will advance to the quarterfinals if they win their final two games against Slovenia and Italy. They probably won't be favored in either game.

If you're needing a Dirk fix, here are some highlights of Germany in action this summer. --------------------

Reyshawn Terry has signed with Aris BC in Greece. He joins another player with Dallas ties -- Bracey Wright who played his high school basketball in The Colony.

The Mavs still hold Terry's rights.


Darko is crazy.


Dampier definitely wasn't healthy at the end of the season.
One of those big men could be a necessity, not a luxury, depending on the status of Erick Dampier, who is coming off right shoulder surgery. Dampier said he's unsure whether he'll be ready for the start of the regular season. He has a visit to the doctor coming in two weeks, then may start running on a treadmill. Until now, he's been limited in his off-season work. But the surgery was unavoidable.

"They initially thought it was just a little tear, but when they got in there, it was a little bit more," Dampier said. "Everything went well. Now I'm just recovering from it and we've been pretty conservative."
He hasn't run at all this offseason? Expect a slow start for Dampier...