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Devin Harris's Developing Jumpshot

Devin Harris only made two shots last night (shot chart). It was still impressive. The first came when he started to cut to the baseline on the right side only to pull the ball back between his legs and drill a 17 foot jumpshot. The second came a few minutes later - an open three, nothing but net. It was his 21st three of the season which is two more than he made in the last two seasons combined. It's part of a trend, and it was really on display against the Pistons (shot chart where he scored 12 of his 19 on jumpshots. Harris knows if he can keep it up defenders will have to start changing their approach.

"If I could stretch the defense out to where I can make some 3s and they have to guard me out that far," Harris said, "it's going to be so much easier for me to get to the basket."
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