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Kings Game Wrap Up

Yeah, that sucked, but I also have to admit that it was a fantastic game.

Box Score | Game Flow | AP Story + Highlights

I'm hoping we saw the beginning of a Devin Harris and Kevin Martin rivalry because that was fun to watch. If you weren't able to see the game last night here is something you never would have guessed by looking at Kevin Martin's line in the box score (39 points 14/16 from the floor in 28 minutes) -- Devin Harris played fantastic defense. Martin didn't just have an extremely hot hand, but most of his points (particularly in the 4th) came after he ran around like Richard Hamilton on speed so he could get open. Harris routinely fought through three or four screens before Martin could find enough space to receive a pass and of course, make his shot. I have no idea how Harris had the strength in his legs to make that huge three pointer with 38 seconds left.

Harris also drew two took two very big charges against Martin in the final four minutes. Unfortuately, the team defense was pretty bad, but I'm not putting any of it on Devin Harris.
"Give them credit. Nobody really could stop each other there at the end, and it was like whoever had the ball last was going to win.’’

"We’re not going to win many games giving up 122 points,’’ Johnson said. "We got broken down defensively all over the place.’’

Stat(s) of the night.

JR touched on this in the game thread. Dallas shot 57% to the Kings 50%, they shot 64.7% (11-17) from three to the Kings 50% (8-16), they outrebounded the Kings by 1, they had eight more assists, they had a 40 point 4th quarter, and they lost. The reason, nineteen turnovers and a free throw attempt deficit of 21.

AND, Diop had what is hopefully the worst stat line by a Mav all season. Five minutes, 5 fouls, 0 rebounds, 0 blocks, 0 points.


The Kings impressed some people with their aggressive D last night. (HT: KD).


Injury Update: Stackhouse sat out last night because of a mild hamstring sprain. He actually sprained it in the first half of the Clippers game, and thinks he sprained because he was running with a sore knee he got after colliding with Kevin Durant the night before.
"It felt like a mild pull or mild sprain because it was more kind of a cramp, but I was able to fight through and get through the game," Stackhouse said. "I've had a tear before so I know what a tear feels like. I just hope I can let whatever it is calms down for a few days."

JJ Barea's trip to Tulsa was put on hold, and his play in the last two games has only extended that.


Rick Barry's thoughts on the Mavs via Mike Bacsik via Mike Fisher.


This Day in Mavs History
2002 Jason Terry (Atl) had 46 points, the 49th time a Mavs opponent had 40+ points