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Dirk Is Not a Mute

Dirk receives a lot of crap for not being the vocal leader of the team. At times, an uniformed person could get the impression that the only time he has ever opened his mouth on the court is to yell at officials for a missed call or at Jason Terry for allowing Steve Nash to shoot an open three. Turns out that's not the case. This via an interview with a Houston Rockets advance scout at True Hoop:

How important is getting the play calls and signals?

For our team, Shane Battier is excellent at hearing opponents calls during the game and knowing what is going to happen before the opponent runs the play and letting our coaching staff know. That type of advantage could be the difference between 2-3 possessions a game and determine the outcome.

There are lots of players who make it a priority. If you sat close enough to the court of a Dallas Mavericks game, Dirk Nowitzki does a great job of calling out the other teams plays to their bench, as does Jarrett Jack of the Portland Trail Blazers for his team. If Mike Dunleavy of the Pacers knows the play, he will call it out in his teams term just to get a small edge.