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Quick MLK Links

Don't forget, the Mavs play at 12:00 CT today...

Art Garcia has some notes about Avery finally deciding to give Trenton Hassell a chance.

"We have tried not playing him. We tried playing [Devean] George a little bit and now we are playing Hassell and we want to see how it is going to go. If he played his worst game of the year, he was going to play again the next game. I just need to stick with him a few games here and give him a shot.
Mike Fisher thinks Trenton Hassell is obvious trade bait, so the conspiracy theorist might say that this is just Avery trying to boost Hassell's value.


Both Jeff Caplan and Eddie Sefko have articles about Gana Diop trying to regain some consistency.
"He used to be the guy who would protect the jungle for us. That was kind of an inside joke. He was the big king of the jungle. We're trying to get him back to that point where he can defend that paint for us the way we need him to consistently."

"It happens," Johnson said. "Sometimes from year to year [or] from month to month. But we know there's a picture of how we want him to play, and he can get back there pretty soon. He just has to get back to a level of consistency."