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Halfway There Links

If it weren't for Devin Harris, Dallas would have lost to the Bobcats last night. That would have sucked. In the third quarter (when he shot 5 of), he scored of the Mavs 23 points. He also had nine assists for the third time this month.

"That's my job, to get points in the paint, and hopefully I continue to shoot a high percentage from those spots," Harris said. "I felt the way they were playing us was an opportunity for me to get in the paint. We had to exploit that all game long."

After Harris finished a postgame TV interview, he playfully jumped Josh Howard, who was next to him doing a radio interview, for not hitting a late jumper that would have secured Harris' second double-double of the season.

Stackhouse reaggravated his strained hamstring last night and he doesn't think he'll play on Friday vs the Lakers.
"It's just a little strain, but it's one of those things," said Stackhouse, who is a North Carolina native and needed 65 tickets for family and friends to Wednesday's game. "It probably wasn't all the way healed. You hit it every time when you do anything in basketball.

"I didn't get an MRI on it the last time, and I may do that to make sure there's nothing else going on in there."
It's nothing serious, but it's an injury that has a way of lingering for weeks.


Juwan Howard compares himself to Craig Counsell. Odd.


In case you hadn't noticed, the Hornets are leading the Southwest Division as the halfway point.


If you have time to waste, make sure you check out the new and improved Basketball Reference.