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Tuesday Links

Jason Kidd to Dallas? Here's a roundup of coverage and opinion:

ESPN's Ric Bucher broke the story of Kidd's desire for a trade here. He mentions that Dallas reached out this previous week to inquire about a deal.

Stan McNeal at the Sporting News thinks Kidd to Dallas makes sense, but get's a hilarious email reply from Mark Cuban when he floats it by him: "Step away from your crack dealer."

Jan Hubbard at the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram quotes Mark Cuban, who is being consistent on the Mavs point guard situation, answering "no" when asked if the Mavs were considering point guard help.

In a chat, Dallas Morning News columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor doesn't see a Kidd trade happening. He also doesn't consider Devin Harris injury prone.

Peter Vecsey at Foxsports thinks Kidd is playing poorly to force a trade, using a late game pass to Jason Collins (35% free throw shooter) in a tight game as an example.

Over at Yahoo Sports, Kelly Dwyer says that a deal won't be easy if New Jersey expects to get a good return for the point guard. Steve Aschburner at Sports Illustrated says much the same thing, summarizing the issue: "Bad teams have no need for a player with that sort of price tag, while good teams are loath to give up pieces that have gotten them this far."

Some Mavs-related and other interesting links of note:

John Hollinger gives Devin Harris some of his patented stat-love while outlining why trading him for Kidd makes little sense.

Looks like the Boston Celtics' Kevin Garnett may play against Dallas on Thursday, despite his abdominal strain.

Here's the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram game story. Writer Jan Hubbard outlines how the Mavericks experimented with different line-ups in the blowout win.

In the Dallas Morning News Eddie Sefko echoes others in pointing to the game as a statement that Josh Howard deserves to be on the all star team.

Art Garcia at Mavs Courtside View summarizes the blowout win in front of what he describes as a "listless crowd" at FedEx Forum. Art also lets us know about a cool Mavs-Celtics watch party at Dave & Busters on Walnut Hill & 75.

Charley Rosen thinks the Spurs are either sandbagging or in big trouble. John Hollinger asks a similar question: Are the Spurs a lottery team?