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Dampier Doesn't Travel to Minnesota Links

Not much out there for a Sunday. Of course, the big news came yesterday.

Erick Dampier did not travel with the team to Minnesota. I guess the effusion in the left knee is worse than originally thought. It barely got a mention in the papers today, so it must not be too serious. It's still a little disconcerting to me though.


Sefko has an article about Trenton Hassell returning to Minnesota. Hassell actually got some meaningful minutes against the Heat and it sounds like that might continue.

Avery Johnson said that Hassell has earned his way back into the playing rotation with his attitude and his hard work in practices. Those attributes also paid off in the form of an effective seven-minute stint against Miami on Friday.

"He wasn't pouting," Johnson said, "or saying, 'Hey, I've been in the league a couple years and this is something silly. Why do I have to do this?' He really got after it and because of that, he's going to play in the next game.

"If you come out and practice hard and play hard, you're going to have a shot."

Sefko also has an article about how bad the Timberwolves are, and Jan Hubbard hops Dallas doesn't play down to there opponents level again.


This Day in Mavs History
2000 Signed Greg Buckner to a 10-day contract.