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Tuesday Stuff

Just two Mavs articles in the local papers this morning. David Moore with an article about Dirk's offensive game getting back up to speed, and Jeff Caplan with a similar article that also touches a little on Josh Howard. They pretty much use all the same quotes.

"I felt like, early on, I was looking around too much," Nowitzki said. "I waited on the double-team too much. I wasn't really being aggressive.

"I think the last couple of weeks, I've found a good mix of, when the shot is there, take it; when it's not there, move it."

Around the NBA: Dallas is now just a half game back of the Spurs after they got beat by Golden State last night.


Injury Update: Erick Dampier is expected to practice on a "limited basis" today.

Stackhouse should be ready to go Wednesday with his sprained thumb.


This Day in Mavs History
2002 The NBA fined Mark Cuban $500,000 comments about the officiating after the Dal-SA game and comments about league head ref Ed Rush (the Dairy Queen comments).  It was the largest fine the NBA had handed out to an individual (surpassing the record $250,000 give to Cuban on 1/4/01).