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Dampiers Set to Play vs Pistons

Dampier was not only able to go through a full practice yesterday, but will be suiting up for the Pistons showdown tonight. He was even showing some confidence after practice.

One of the first questions was about what problems Detroit will present to him and the Mavericks tonight.

"Let's talk about the problems we present," Dampier quickly quipped.


I liked Sefko's article today comparing the Pistons and Mavs as teams who are both underdogs and legit tile contenders at the same time, but the quote I really liked was this one from Dirk.
"Ultimately, it all comes down to the playoffs, so whatever we do in the regular season, nobody's going to believe in us anyway."
I'm not sure what it is about that sentence I like so much. I've read quotes from every player on the Mavs about how the postseason is all that matters, but this one just seems really bitter.


Jan Hubbard looks at how the Pistons got where they are today.


Plans to send JJ Barea to D-League have been put on hold. For now, he and Ager will both be with Dallas.
"The two guys that we have here that we may or may not send back at some point," Avery Johnson said of Ager and Barea. "They're here and we'll see if we can stay healthy for a while. The last time I tried to make a move, two guys got injured."

Barea is uncertain what his immediate future holds.

"To be honest I would love to stay here with the guys, hang out and just keep practicing," Barea said. "But playing time sounds good, too -- go over there and get some minutes and that would be good for me. So either way I think I'll be fine."

This Day in Mavs History
1996 Popeye Jones had 28 rebounds, the most rebounds by a Mavs player in team history.