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Barea Time?

Jeff Caplan has an article on JJ Barea's chances of becoming a regular part of the PG rotation this season. 

He [Kidd] averaged about 36 minutes a game last season between New Jersey and Dallas.

That leaves about 12 minutes to keep the pace high while Kidd takes a breather. Jason Terry will eat up some of those minutes. Journeyman point guard Keith McLeod could also be a factor.

OK, I'm admittedly a Barea fan, but there is no reason for Keith McLeod to be ahead of Barea on the depth chart.  I'm not too worried though because I doubt McLeod will even make the roster -- particularly since he's injured right now.

Barea plans on getting some minutes.

"I know coach is going to give me some time," Barea said, "so I better be ready."


Don't forget, tonights game will be broadcast on KTXA21.

Jason Kidd, Dampier, and Stackhouse aren't going to dress, so there should be plenty of minutes for Barea and Wright.


Sefko has an article about Williams and Carlisle returning to Indiana.


And Jeff Caplan has a good article on the evolution of Rick Carlisle as coach.  There is a quote in this article from Pistons owner Bill Davidson about Carlisle, that when I initially skimmed over I thought was about Avery Johnson.

Yeah, he had lost the players. He had a certain style, which wore off after a certain amount of time. But he was a good coach, on kind of a short-term basis. He knows the game, did all the right things, but he didn’t have that personal touch with players.