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Thursday Morning Links

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Jeff Caplan writes about Gerald Green working hard to try and get playing time.  Sefko has the same article over at the DMN.

The most interesting things in these articles are that Green has an arena hot dog before each game and that his finger was amputated after his ring got caught on a nail while playing basketball as a kid.  Ouch.


The Detroit News has an article on Rick Carlisle with quotes from some of his former players.

"It will be interesting to see how that works," said Pistons point guard Chauncey Billups, who ran Carlisle's offense one season. "It's going to be difficult for Rick to play how he usually likes to play. He can't do that slowdown with J. Kidd out there. Just in J's nature, he's going to push that ball and get into transition.

"Both guys will have to make some sacrifices."

From the sound of it, Carlisle has made most of the sacrifices.

"When you have a player like Jason Kidd, you have to take advantage of his abilities," he said.


Box score from last night's game.

Mike Fisher has his observations from the game.