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The Friday Links

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Well, the Mavs lost to Detroit last night.  Fortunately it was just a preseason game, but don't tell that to Detroit.  They not only played their starters against the Mavs third string for most of the 4th quarter, and threw streamers after the game, but they don't care who they came back against.

"We played the Dallas Mavericks," he said. "Whoever they put into the game, that's who we played."

Anyway, I'm glad Carlisle resisted any temptation to put the starters back in and try to hold on for the win.

(box score and highlights)


Magic Johnson isn't real high on the Mavs this season.


Those of us who are going to miss hearing Avery yell "ZIPPER TWIST" from the sideline will be able to hear him as an analyst on ESPN this season.


Caplan with an article about Kidd leaving Nike for a Chinese brand and trying ease his way into season.


Sefko has a short article on James Singleton who filled up the box score last night just like he did over the summer.


Barea left the game last night after banging his knee on the court, but he's fine.


This  Day in Mavs History

1999 Steve Nash left the Detroit preseason game midway through the 2nd
quarter with a sprained right ankle. He missed the rest of
preseason due to the injury.

Nash sprained his ankle last night.