Avery/Cuban: Trading Dirk


It was no secret that the intense Johnson often butted heads with outspoken owner Mark Cuban. NBA sources say Johnson would have been OK with Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki being dealt to the Lakers for Kobe Bryant or the Timberwolves for Kevin Garnett, but Cuban wasn't. Cuban's hands-on approach and vocal nature toward the referees also were challenging for Johnson to deal with.


According to NBA sources, Johnson would have preferred that the team be kept intact with young point guard Devin Harris last season rather than trading for veteran Jason Kidd. But the trade was made, and the Mavericks went a disappointing 16-13 with Kidd and were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs.

Yeah, I got nothing. Just thought this was worth mentioning. Would I have dealt Dirk for Kobe? Yeah. Would I have dealt him for KG? No. Incredible analysis by me.

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